2011 Flashback : What Web Experienced in 2011 ?

2011 has gone and it’s a kick fresh start for 2012 . Let’s have a quick flashback of the things 2011 experienced in the web and internet field.

A Flashback : Web Experiences of 2011

Goodbye 2011

Death of Steve Jobs

One of my greatest inspirer, former CEO of Apple and the person who took Apple to great heights Steve Jobs bidded a final good bye to the world. One of the most shaking event of 2011, Steve Jobs died due to adverse health, but he’ll be remembered for years with his words always stuck to my heart : “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

RIP Steve Jobs – A Visionary Apple Guider

Death of Dennis Ritchie

The father of Unix and C was found dead on October 12, 2011 . One of the most depressing moments of 2011 , the year turned out to be disaster for tech fathers like Dennis Ritchie. May Dennis Ritchie’s soul Rest in Peace.

Birth of Trick Earn Blog

This year was a booster for me as this blog originally Trickearnblog.com was launched in May and although I started as a newbie, I have learnt various aspects of blogging . In the beginning I didn’t even know how to post, what is SEO and now, I know most of the part but learning is an endless process and hoping to learn more with this blog.

Transfering to Syncers

An important turn hit down the road of this blog as Trickearnblog.com was shifted to Syncers.com . I took this decision taking in mind the complexity of remembering the former and with brandable domain name target in mind. Syncers was a great choice and I’m enjoying and happy with the crucial decision I made.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook came up with new profiles ie. Facebook Timeline bringing in markable changes from the old profile. The new layout has a cover design and as the name says “TIMELINE” things according to Timeline.Facebook also introduced few more features in 2011 like ticker box, new chat box integrated to save chats and much more. The Facebook timeline is now also available on mobile phones .

10 Impressive Facebook Timeline Design Covers

iPhone 4S

Although iPhone 5 was expected to be launched in 2011 , it was iPhone 4S which was released by Apple Inc. The new iPhone 4S has a powerful Siri which is a voice recognisation answering intellegence software making things easy for iPhone 4S users. The phone trended great worldwide but the price of iPhone 4S in India restricted people from buying it. Syncers also posted about iPhone 4s launch.

Starting of Google +

Google + , well the Social Networking website of THE BIG DADDY Google was launched in 2011 . Creating great hype Google kept it invitation only for 2-3 months giving it a excitement booster from the internet users. Google + couldn’t beat Facebook but new features added to it is certainly getting internet users to stick to it too, specially the webmasters but for masses Facebook still rocks.

Starting of So.cl

So.cl is a research experiment for students focused on combining web browsing, search, and social networking for the purposes of learning . An initiative started in December by Microsoft is getting normal response from the crowd. There’s still much more on cards for So.cl to be a successful Social Network.

Diaspora Founder Dead

Ilya Zhitomirskiy one of the co-founders of Diaspora Social Network (Social site focused on privacy started by 4 individuals) died at a young age of 22 on 13th November 2011  . Tech World lost a great developer as well a distant thinker with motive of taking web to the next level with better privacy, security and comforts.

Privacy Social Freak Co-Founder of Diaspora Commits Suicide

 Aakash Tablet Launched

The much awaited tablet for Indians was launched in 2011 , Aakash with a price tag of 2,500 . Based on Android, Mr. Kapil Sibal launched Aakash for students. The sales have already gone out for Aakash and its pro version ie. Ubislate 7 which has some superior features and a l’il high price is still available for pre order.

Overall, 2011 was an year of ups and downs for the tech world. Loads of great techies leaving us behind , new ventures made 2011 an uneven road to walk upon . Hope 2012 brings in loads of advancement, development and cheers for the tech world.

Karan Lugani

Karan Lugani is a 21 year old chap with a great passion for blogging. He likes to write on wide range of topics varying from Blogging Tips to Technology with an aim of bringing a live discussion for webmasters.

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    There may be good news but we cannot deny that there are also some bad news. Thus, they all have different contributions when it comes to the world of internet. I was able to gain good knowledge from the blog that you have here.


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