9 Best Super Bowl 2017 Commercials

While two teams battle it out to reach to the top of NFL, Super Bowl is not just a sporting event. Bidding on advertising spots and glued eyes of the audience anticipating commercials, Super Bowl is an advertising grandstand too.

An ad slot in Super Bowl costs about $5 million for a single-time airing of the advertisement. With billions on the cards and 30-60 seconds to impress the audience, the game has started to attract more eyeballs for the commercials rather than the sport itself.

We bring to you Super Bowl 2017 Commercials which grabbed our eyeballs and made the cut!

9 Super Bowl 2017 Commercials which made the Cut!

Best Super Bowl 2017 Commercials

Presenting 10 best Super Bowl 2017 Advertisements:

Kia Niro Super Bowl 2017 Commercial

Kia took a humorous route with a funny and caring character, featuring Michelle McCarthy in the campaign. From dealing with whales, protecting trees and saving icebergs, KIA conveys a strong message with a great story plot. The best part? Humor and brevity of the message delivered in a quirky way in the last. KIA places the “dynamic companion” for all locations – Kia Niro in this campaign called “Hero’s Journey.” The brand is extending the campaign with snippets of McCarthy’s videos.

Intel  Tom Brady: Brady Everyday

Intel plays on the front foot with its 360° Technology featuring Tom Brady. As if the Tom Brady needs any more help look amazing, with close cut shots, sharp camera angles, and fast camera panning, Intel demonstrates that 360° technology can make anything look epic.

Audi Super Bowl Commercial 2017 – “Daughter”

Audi has entered Super Bowl with a powerful commercial titled “Daughter”. Resonating with the key thought of gender inequality and values of Audi, the automobile brand drives on the idea that “Progress is for Everyone” in it’s Super Bowl 2017 Commercial.

Google 2017 Super Bowl Commercial

Google kept it simple and silly with a diverse situational video introducing Google Home. The Commercial features use case scenarios of Google Home with a house party, a girl returning home from the office and a mom taking help while cooking. Catering to the emotional sentiment, the music complements the Google’s 2017 Super Bowl Commercial. OK, Google?

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Airbnb – #WeAccept

One of the best commercials of Super Bowl 2017, Airbnb hits the right chords with its #WeAccept campaign. A simple yet effective commercial features faces of people from diverse culture, creed and regions with a strong message that “Airbnb accepts”.

“The idea that no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, you deserve to belong.”

The campaign has created ripple effects with the current tough political scenario in t0he US. The campaign is in the context to the recent President Trump’s immigration ban, and Airbnb has been able to counter it powerfully through their Super Bowl 2017 Commercial.

Sprint’s Super Bowl 2017 Commercial

The commercial which starts with “Well kids, Daddy’s Dead” is sure to garner the attention of the viewers. Sprint directly targets it’s competitor Verizon playing on 50% savings in the video. Full points for attracting eyeballs and attention in the beginning.

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Wix Big Game Commercial

Wix has been avid advertisement spot grabber in the Super Bowl. Starring Jason Statham and Gal Gadot, Wix’s Super Bowl 2017 Commercial is full of high packed action, drama, music and most importantly, a storyline. Wix rolled out 2 commercials for the campaign, and we loved the plot.

Chef Felix, what about a dinner tonight..but do let us know your relocation 😛

Stittles Super Bowl LI Commercial

Skittles in it’s Super Bowl LI Commercial “romanced” with a quirky and equally intelligent approach to Skittles.

The copy “Who says romance is for the birds? Check out the Skittles Super Bowl LI commercial to see how Katie, her whole family, and a slew of unexpected guests deal with a Candy Casanova” explains the plot better and we’re impressed with such a straightforward and subtle ad. “AAAA”

The Showstopper! – Tide Super Bowl 2017 Commercial

P&G pulled a smart game this Super Bowl 2017 by taking a very creative route to the commercial. Tide featured Terry Bradshaw with a stain on a Fox Super Bowl Shoot set. Collaborating with Fox and NFL, Tide pulled out a beautiful campaign with “Stain does not deserve fame” placing it’s product Tide PODS® Plus Downy. With more than 51 million views, Tied knows how to stand out of the crowd in a pool of Super Bowl advertisers.

Which was your favorite Super Bowl 2017 Commercial? Do let us know if we’ve missed out on a good one and we will add it in the list.

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