Goes Junglee by Launching Amazon India Website, the biggest shopping portal of United States have taken a step forward to jump into the Indian markets. India website was the most talked buzz from few years and Amazon has finally arrived in India with its shopping store . aka Amazon India shopping website was acquired by Amazon from Anand Rajaraman along with 4 other engineers back in 1998. Although Amazon hasn’t introduce itself as a shopping merchant in India, is an online store that compares the prices of the 3rd party merchants and sale and purchase happens on the merchant’s website. India which is has shook hands with merchants like Gitanjali, Bata, Homeshop 18, , Rebook and many other leading shopping brands of India . for the listings and currently lists more than 1.2 crore products.

The already registered Amazon users can use their Amazon accounts for logging in to but they would need to verify their Indian Mobile Number. We can soon expect an Amazon India affiliate program for we bloggers and webmasters (would be a quite good move, I’m excited to see what commissions will Amazon offer in India) .

Amazon’s India Expandation

The amazon india invansion isn’t only limited to being junglee with amazon india shopping store but Amazon has opened 3 offices in India in the following cities :

  •  Chennai
  • Hyderabad
  • Banagalore

Moreover, there are many positions still empty in the office and Indians can apply for it. Their official website lists the address of Amazon India offices .

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The smart move by Amazon IndiaAmazon is a tricky and professional company .  There’s a lot to learn from the Amazon India website . The main motive behind the being a comparison shopping store rather than a shopping portal is the amazon’s move. Amazon is an intelligent one and in the case of India , it’s motive would  be to first analyse the audience and then go into the market . In addition, Amazon would observe the data for a few time period which include Indian buyers interest, the sales price and what kind of promotions work . Amazon wants to learn from a practical data approach and then defeat the herd in the shopping lanes of India. GREAT MOVE AMAZON ….I MUST SAY I’M IMPRESSED.

Beware Flipkart

The arriving of Amazon India is a great danger to leading India shopping website . The site currently leads the sales and enjoys and great priority and Indian’s choice . Amazon India is set to outbeat Flipkart with a gameplan which is quite foolproof. It is wake up siren for to be ALERT . We can see Flipkart improve its services, prices and come up with some new marketing techniques in response to the Amazon move. (IN SHORT : A Good move for Indian buyers) which reminds me of a quote:

A healthy competition is a symbol of flourishing society.

This might be the perfect solution to the queries of amazon shipping in India. Good luck Amazon..!!

It would be quite interesting to the Amazon India website statistics and how the Indian users respond to it. I would soon be conducting a case study and coming up with the data I can collect on it. What do you think India will make a mark in the hearts of Indians or not?

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