List of Android Nougat Application Shortcuts

Google has released a new version of 3D touch better as compared to the Apple’s 3D touch. The App shortcuts of Android Nougat ie. Android 7.1 are the ones which help you open an application in a flash with shortcut options.

Google Pixel and Nexus devices are the first ones to receive Android 7.1 with other device such as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge following the suit. The app shortcuts are available only for Google apps as it is still in the Android Beta program mode. The application shortcuts for Android Nougat will soon support the 3rd party app launch too.

List of Android Nougat App Shortcuts

android nougat app shortcuts

Browser – Google Chrome

Long press Google Chrome and it will pop up with 2 options:

  • New Incognito Tab
  • New Tab  chrome-app-shortcut

Select the option you want. Incognito tab opens private browsing while new tab helps you browse the websites and search for things normally. You can also check How to remove Shortcut Virus .

Call or Contact List

Call or Contact List share the same option in android nougat app shortcuts. The pop up message displays “New Contact” which saves the hassle of going to contact list, clicking on “New Contact” and then saving the contact.


The mini tweaks saves a few seconds if not minutes.

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Long press on the camera icon and you’ll see two pop up options:


  • Take a Video
  • Take a Selfie

Take a video option will open the camera with rear view and show option for recording the video. Take a Selfie option will launch the camera application with front camera. If you normally press the camera icon, it will launch rear camera with photo click option.

The Android nougat app shortcuts save time and come handy when the camera shot is needed instantly. Like, you spot something spontaneously and want to record it, Take a Video option comes handy at that time. So, next time you bump into a celebrity, it’s going to take just 2 seconds to directly launch the selfie camera rather than making the celebrity wait. (Utilize the saved time by talking to them, maybe?)


The Gmail application helps in instant composing on long press. The long press shows an option pop up called “Compose” which helps in composing and sending the email instantly saving you a few seconds and the long procedure.


Google Drive

When you long press on the Google Drive icon in Android Nougat, it shows you three options:


  • Search
  • Scan
  • Upload

The search option lets you search for the document you’re looking for while Scan searches the files and documents and uploads them to the Google Drive. Upload helps in uploading documents and files from the mobile device to the drive.


The option pop ups on the Calendar application for Android nougat app shortcuts are:


  • New Reminder – Helps in setting up instant reminder
  • New Event – Helps in reserving time for an event

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Voice Search

The Voice search pops up with the two options which are self explanatory:

  • Voice Search
  • Type Search

Google Keep

Google Keep is a notes application from the house of Google. The competitor of Evernote has 4 pop up options which include:


  • New Audio Note
  • New Photo Note
  • New List
  • New Note

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These were a list of Android Nougat app shortcuts which are still in the beta mode. The app shortcuts for android nougat 3rd party applications will also be out once, further updates are rolled out shortly. Did you like the app shortcut feature of Android Nougat 7.1?

With we heading to a world where time is precious, such app shortcuts do come handy but aren’t a major move. Syncers await the voice recognition to be profuse and the time mobile devices aptly pick up human voice commands and do the tasks in a flick.

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