Solution to Auto Shutdown Problem

The Auto Shutdown Problem ate up the mind of my friend frustating him a lot and consuming loads of time to get a solution. So, I thought to write a markup on the possible causes of the auto shutdown problem that people face and their solution so that you do not waste a compulsive time trying things to solve it and frustate yourself.

The Possible Causes of the Auto Shutdown Problem

Dirty and Dusty Ram

When you’re using computer from past few hours, the RAM becomes dirty and dusky. Cause of 25% of auto shutdown problem is dirty RAM which could not connect with the computer properly.


Just take out the RAM from the computer and clean it. Remember, don’t clean with any moist thing. Keep it away from the water. Just remove the dust from the RAM, even clean its port. Now reboot the computer and see if the auto shutdown problem vanishes.

High Temperature and Over Heating of the  computer

The most common cause to computer shutdown problems is overheating of the computer. There maybe certain components leading to overheating of the computer crossing the danger temperature. Computer maybe overheated if :

  • It is run for long hours.
  • Old computers with loads of stuff loaded heat up  faster.
  • The computer fan is not working properly.

Whenever the computer heats to the danger temperature computer automatically shuts down for cooling up itself and hence, computer shutdown problems occur.

How to check if the computer is overheated?

Just boot your computer and when it restarts press F1 or F2 to enter the BIOS Screen. (F1 and F2 key depends on the motherboard you are using). Now navigate to CPU health Menu and check System Temp or CPU Temp. This will show you the current temperature of CPU. As per experts ideal temperature for CPU is 40 Degree Celcius and the Dangerous Temperature is 50 to 80 degree Celcius. If your computer is in the range of the dangerous temperature and you are experiencing computer shutdown problems,it maybe due to overheating.


There are many solutions to protect the overheating of computers causing auto shutdown problems:

Clean your CPU from top to down. Excessive dust covers the computer and makes it hot. The fan is not able to cool the computer properly when a lot of dust and dirt is there. So, remove the dust from each part of the CPU.

If the above step does not cure and bring down the CPU temperature then maybe the problem is with your cooling system . The fan might not be working properly and you would need to buy a new one to cool the computer. (In such a case, consult a computer engineer to be sure than the problem is with cooling system)

Software and Hardware Malfunctions

Software and Hardware Malfunctions, infected and wrong drivers can also lead to rebooting of computer again and again. Missing Windows System 32 Files, corrupt files are also lead cause of auto shutdown problem.


If the problem is due to corrupt files, softwares, hardwares there is a possible solution for it too.If an error occurs in Windows usually it reboot again and again. To know about the error :

  1. Go to My Computer .
  2. Now hover to System Properties.
  3. Click on Advanced System Settings.A pop up bounces with a lot of options and tabs.
  4. Click on the Setting below the Start-up and Recovery Section and uncheck the box of automatically restart.
  5. Next , its time to reboot the computer.

The computer shows blue error screen with the numerical of the error. You will see something like this “00003534X34” extending further. Just note down the error numerical on a sheet of paper and search it on Google. You’ll get the possible solution to cure the problem to prevent auto shutdown problems in future. You can also search the Microsoft Solution Centre for the error arising(Better place to get solution).

These are the most common causes and solutions to the computer shutdown problems leading to rebooting of the PC again and again. I hope the above solutions helped in curing your shutdown problems. If you possibly know any other auto shutdown problem that arises, do get to me maybe, I can add it so that readers get the best satisfaction.

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  • June 7, 2012 at 8:46 am

    This does not work for me. I still experience shutdown

    • June 7, 2012 at 9:19 pm

      If you’re still experiencing shutdown, you need to format your computer. That’s the last option left.

  • November 26, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    what happen if my cpu are automatically shutdown w/ in the minute sometimes is it an hour. what happen what is the solution for my problem.


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