Content is NOT King

Content is classified as one of the most important property for a blog . Many blog authors claim:

Content is King

You might have been familiar with above lines that do rounds on almost each every blog( Specially blogging niche) . Everyone thinks this line has a power in it and it is the sole content which remains the king. But It certainly is Wrong.

Content is NOT King

King is the supermost authority in a kingdom. King  rules the kingdom and the tasks are performed according to his wish but in the case of content, umm…it doesn’t play the role of a task generator. The king posses great qualities like leadership, immunity, power due to which he got the throne. Content ,  What does it have? 800 words? Ideas?

From getting traffic suggestions to building a community. From promoting to monetizing, “Content is King” is a formal used about line almost on the mind of each and every blogger. And yes, even the new ones as misguided by top bloggers which exclaim the best way to get traffic to a blog is Content just because “Content is the KING” and newbies start posting and posting , but still land in a pit with no great results.

Many of  you would be confused stating me as a de-motivator rejecting the most important lines of each and every blog . The lines adopted by Darren Rowse, Pete Cashmore and much more big bloggers is being rejected by such a small blogger. Am I mad?
No, Indeed. I would like to rephrase the line as:

Quality Content is King

Adjectives really turn the phase of a line. And I think that all the top notch blogger forgot using a great adjective just before this line, which turned the meaning of  the line to be totally different. It isn’t  the content which is the king, it is the quality of the content which makes it king. A King has n number of qualities , What about your content? Your blog has n number of content (Which you think is king) but certainly less number of quality content(Which is the REAL KING). It isn’t the quantity that matters but it is the quality that matters the most.

You can go for 5 quantity articles , but they would only form the Ministers of  the King which would get low or normal weightage. On the other part, go for a quality article, the article that rules your kingdom of blog, shines above the rest – becomes the REAL King with great qualities and is love being read by all.
The throne of King is so huge to mark its presence in the Kingdom while the  chairs of Ministers are just normal small chairs lying one beside each  other laned up in group of 6 Chairs. Image a person entering a King’s Kingdom, he observes roundabouts but the main focus of the visitor is on the King, the superior authority sitting just in the centre. Same is the case with the blogs, There are millions of blogs , so many that even the count goes false as the number is constantly rising . Here is my way of classification of blogs:

Kingdom Blog Statistics

  • Low and Copied Content : King’s Servant

  • Quantity Content : King’s Army

  • Normal Quality SEO Content : King’s Minister

  • High Quality and Less Focused on Quantity : KING

The above classification is clear enough to build in mind a repo of what your blog is and what is its status . King’s servant are often not credited and are just like bunch of flies who don’t get noticed at all. The low and copied content blogs form such kind of authority (rather de-authority). King’s Army is full of thousands of soldiers, a blog with focus on quantity is just like king’s army struggling and struggling in large numbers. Normal Quality SEO content is like ministers which are ample but enough to notice everyone. High Quality Content is indeed the THE DESERVER OF THE THRONE OF THE KING. Visitors stick to a blog with quality content indulging in discussion and making it the KING of the blogging world.

If you still don’t believe on my  Blog Kingdom Statistics , try searching for each category blog and comparing them .   You will see the results yourself in front of you. Till then remember,

Content is Not King


Quality Content is King

And tweak those bloggers to change their phrases and give them a wake up call. As It is the Quality that Matters…..

What kind of blog do you posses? What is your blog on the Kingdom Blog Statistics?

Karan Lugani

Karan Lugani is a 21 year old chap with a great passion for blogging. He likes to write on wide range of topics varying from Blogging Tips to Technology with an aim of bringing a live discussion for webmasters.

2 thoughts on “Content is NOT King

  • October 15, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    Karan, I reached here following your comment at Jane’s blog. It is indeed an excellent post and I totally agree that quality contents need to be there. Thanks for an excellent title.

    • October 18, 2011 at 11:14 pm

      Well, truth seems to always impress others and that what was posted up here. Thanks to Jane for giving me a loyal reader up here…!!


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