How to Cut and Paste Files and Text on Mac

New to the Mac world? Yes, it can take some time to adjust to Macintosh shortcuts as they are a little different than Windows. But trust me once you’re through the Mac shortcuts, you’ll be savvy with them and fall in love with the simplicity.

How to Cut and Paste Files on Mac

Cut, Copy and paste on Mac is different from your normal computer which uses a Windows or Linux.

Methods to Cut and Paste Files and Text on Mac :

1. Using Keyboard Shortcut

2. Using Content Menu

3. Using the Mouse
Let’s start with the easy way out ie. using the keyboard shortcut to cut and paste files on mac.

1. Using Keyboard Shortcut

  • Select file you want to cut.
  • Navigate to the destination folder in a new finder window where you want to place the file.
  • When the file you want to cut is selected, press “Command” key + “X” key together.
  • Press “Command” key + “P” key in the destination folder.

That’s it, an easy way to cut and paste text and files in mac.

Shortcut Summary : Command + X to cut and Command + P to paste

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2. Using Context Menu

Another way of cutting and pasting in mac is using the context menu.

cut and paste files in mac

  • Again select the file you want to cut in the finder window.
  • Click on “Edit” menu in the top bar and click on “Cut” from the drop down menu.
  • Navigate to the folder/directory where you want to paste this file.
  • Again click on “Edit” menu in the top bar and click on “Paste” in the destination folder.

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3. Using Mouse

  • Just open the original folder and destination folder where you want to move the file.
  • Select the file using mouse and pressing the button of the mouse, drag it to the destination folder.
  • Make sure you’ve opened two separate mac finder windows for the same.

The file will be cut from the original folder and moved to the new directory/folder.

Copy Files in Mac

We can also just copy and paste file in Mac. We just have to replace “X” by “C” ie. Command + C and Command + P to copy and paste files in Mac.

It’s one of the easiest steps to cut and paste files in mac. Syncers is available to solve all your doubts and queries. Do ping us if you have any.

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