Disappear The Two OO's of GOOGLE

See the below video to check how I disappeared the 2 OO’s of the Leading Search Engine GOOGLE .

Shocked to see that the 2 OO’s of Google disappeared? Don’t worry in next 5 minutes you would know the secret behind the trick and soon display this trick in front of your colleagues.

Whats the secret behind the trick ?

You don’t need to have any supernatural power to perform the above trick. Just go to the following link :


So, this page has a clone script of Google installed on it.

How did I remove the two OO’s?

Its simple . The webpage is designed in such a sense that when you right click the mouse button , the two OO’s automatically disappear after 5 seconds. And when you again click the right button the OO’s appear again. And to foolproof the trick I used my fingers and shook them as if I was doing some magic trick.

How was this trick ? Pop in your comments and suggestions.Don’t forget to check out How to check Pagerank of Multiple Websites Simultaneously.

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