Download Youtube Videos as Mp3 and Mp4 Online Free

Youtube is a great hub of online videos. We are so addicted to youtube that be it anything youtube has video of everything that comes into our mind and want to download youtube videos online free. It’s great to watch the videos on Youtube but sometimes, it feels like we should have them handy in our computers or on our mobiles.

The question arises : Can you download Youtube Videos ?

Yes, why not. There are various ways of downloading them. We have come up with the most easiest and quickest method to do so .

The old phenomenon and the answer to download youtube video easily on computer is a setback to the memory as well as fills up the computer. Yes, I’m talking about Youtube Downloader which would no be needed to open after you know about an easy as well as quick way to download the youtube videos in the format you wish too. You can download youtube videos in mp3, mp4 , flv and much more formats.

  •  All you need to do is go to:
  • Enter the URL of the youtube video and a java applet will run.
  • Click run if it asks for the permission of the Java applet.
  • A list of download links arise up. Download the youtube video you wish to in your favourite format and the great part is the youtube video can be downloaded in MP3 too.

Here’s a video explaining the whole process of how to download Youtube Videos online free .

So, it’s time to trash all the softwares used for downloading youtube videos and take on the advantage of downloading youtube videos online for free. Share this post with your friends so that they know about this cool site too. 😀

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    The video that you have shown here is excellent and I find it very helpful and useful. Thank you so much for this another excellent blog of yours.


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