Why Every Entrepreneur should have a Smartphone ?

Most of us own several computers we use and adore, but we keep our mobile phones in our pockets without knowing what power they truly carry; the problem is that some of us have 2 or more mobile phones and hardly use them.
If you own a mobile phone and only use it to make calls, receive calls and send text messages then you need to face the cold hard fact, you’re missing on a lot; not just a lot, but a lot, lot, lot…and I mean it!
A mobile phone is a device with huge potential and you can increase your chances for success in life just by leveraging your mobile phone. Some of the functions explained below will require an app and some will only require some effort from your part, but they’re all worth checking out!

Use it to Track Your Goals

A lot of us have goals in life; we have ambitions, aspirations and something we look forward to becoming. What if your phone can aid your journey towards becoming a better self?

It can be losing weight, becoming fit, reading more or even becoming rich. You need goals to better enhance yourself to achieve these and your mobile phone can serve as a smart goal setting tool if you can master how to use it for that.
There are several applications that help you set and track goals and some of these applications even send you constant reminders to keep you on track; of course, computers have these too but can you afford to have your computer with you everywhere you go? Your mobile phone can be with you everywhere, in your pocket, so make sure you start leveraging it right now to set smart goals.

Use it as a NotepadMobile power

Some of us are bloggers, students, journalists or even parents. Sometimes we get ideas when we’re not prepared for them and when we have nothing to help us keep track of them. How then do you ensure you don’t completely forget these ideas and still not get into trouble? Well, you can use a mobile phone.
Mobile phones have text messaging feature that can be used as a notepad, some mobile phones even have a notepad that can be used as much as you want, so with the right mobile phone you will never have to worry about losing your ideas ever again.

Get Free Internet Access by tethering it With Your Computer

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using an ISP that only offers SIM Only deals or whether you’re using an ISP that only offers standard SIM card contracts, almost every ISP today allow their mobile users access to the internet and a large portion of these ISPs even allow you to use the internet for free on your mobile phone without limits. Imagine how much you can save on computer internet access just by leveraging this opportunity? A lot of us spend hundreds of dollars on internet access every month and as a result thousands of dollars on internet access every year. Question is, why spend this much on internet access when you can get it for free by using your mobile phone?
You can save money on internet access by sharing your mobile internet with your computer. This way you will still be able to get quality mobile broadband speeds and not have to worry about paying the hectic fees most ISPs charge for internet access.

Download and Read eBooks on Your Mobile Phone

Ask people what the top ways to read a book are and they will tell you that you can either purchase a physical copy of the book of your choice or download it to your computer and read it. And they are right; very little awareness is being created about how mobile phones can serve as ebook readers.
Most mobile phones made recently come with support for reading ebook formats so you can download the book of your choice from the internet to your mobile phone and get quality comparable with computer internet.
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