How to Fix Service Battery Warning on Mac

Macbooks are the geek’s best friend but their repairing does cost a dime. Recently, a notification started popping up on my Macbook with Battery Status as Replace Soon. Freaking out, I tried to checkout the reasons behind the same and managed to delay the “Service Battery Warning” atleast for some time.

Check Macbook Battery Status

The following are the three Service Battery status of Macbook which convey the condition of the battery of your Macbook :

  • “Normal” – The battery is in fine state and working good
  • “Replace Soon” – the battery is working but might charge slow/do not charge at some times. The battery starts draining quickly (In my case from 9 hours to 6 hours)fix macbook battery error
  • “Replace Now” or “Service Battery” – Time to go to the service centre and get it changedmacbook service battery replace now

How to Fix Service Battery Warning on Mac – Replace Soon/Replace Now

There are a few ways to fix service battery warning on Mac and increase the battery life of Macbook :

Reset the SMC (System Management Controller)

Steps to increase Macbook battery life :

  • Make sure the power adapter is plugged in.
  • Shut down the Macbook.
  • Now press the “Shift + Ctrl + Option” keys and the power button simultaneously for a few seconds.
    You have successfully reset the System Management Controller.

Now, switch on your macbook. This might have helped in fixing the Service Battery Warning that was popping up on your Macbook. If not, the next step is for you.

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Recalibrate the battery

If things are still not working in your favour, it’s time to recalibrate the Macbook Battery:

  • Charge your Macbook to it’s full potential and let it charge to 100% till the adapter light changes to green.
  • Continue using the computer for atleast 2 hours with 100% battery and charger plugged in. Now let, the battery drain on it’s own. The Macbook will sleep after some time. Power off the device now.

After a few hours, start charging the device again. This will recalibrate the battery of the macbook and has fixed Service battery issues on Macbook in some cases.

If none of the above 2 steps, seem to work for’s time to visit an Apple Authorised Service Centre.

Visit Apple Authorized Service Centre to replace your Battery

If your Macbook is under the warranty period, great. If it’s not like mine, it might depend on your model and geographic location, the time taken to change the Battery of Macbook and cost for the same. In India, it costs around $200 with 3 days taken by Apple Authorized Service Centre to change the battery.

You can checkout more about Macbook battery issues on the official Apple Community Page. We hope we were able to solve Macbook Service battery error for you. Stay tuned for more Technology tutorials coming soon. Let us know if there’s some other “Service Battery issue” on Macbook which is bothering you and Syncers is there to help you.

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