Google Music Launched : One Liner Features and Drawbacks

Google Music Store – This word seems to be in rumor for quite a time recently. Well, the rumor is over as Google comes up with another jumping back to back venture, after social its time for Music – Google Music.Google Music is in beta stage and is invitation only Google Venture(Yes, Google is applying the same strategy it used at time of Google Plus). I would just say :

As iTunes is to Apple,

                                        Google Music Store is to Android . (Yeah include phones and tablets).

So, 7 Superfire One Liners Google Music Facts and Figures (aka. features) :

  1. Upto 20,000 songs can be uploaded to Google Music Storage in Google Music Store.
  2. Google Music Sync between Computer-Phone and Tablet. (Android).
  3. Automatic Syncing of Playists between Computer and Android Phones.
  4. Offline accessing of the recently played and favorite songs.
  5. Mixing of 2 songs instantly with a few clicks (Awesome Unique Feature).
  6. A new venture Called Magnifier which is a platform to give chance to new musicians and artists . Live video performances and new musicians videos and songs will be available on Magnifier. (I know I turned this one to be a two liner)
  7. Collect the songs from your computer ranging from folders to iTunes to put it up in Google Music Store. All songs get synced by Google Music Sync feature.

Well, a lot of praises for it. Now, some of the drawbacks striking in Google Music Store.

  1. Google Music is almost same to that of iTunes.
  2. It has a dirk of features but it still misses the spice.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts are still less as compares to iTunes. Easy Navigation Keyboard shortcuts is where Google Music Store lacks.
  4. Google has announced that Google Music will soon integrate with Google Plus but no time limit has been given up by Google.
  5. Google Music is available only to people in United States which is the worst drawback as well as hating feature.
  6. Invitation, the weapon of Google at time of Google Plus seems to fail this time with many people avoiding it due to Invitation Requests.(Who has time to waste for invitation request?)
  7. Google Music does not any have any social sharing feature, not even Google Plus sharing or +1 Buttons which may turn to be a very big turn back for Google Music Store.

My Take on Google Music Beta

Google Music Beta isn’t much interesting according to me. It has some features but they are not properly installed. It still lacks basic features which should be included. Leaving social sharing is the biggest mistake of Google Music. Being available to people only in United States, well living in India I can just quote “I hate you for this Google, but yes I have a way to get invite . 😛 “. I think Google is in hurry to launch its each and every venture, the same costed it in Google Plus and it is recalling its mistake this time with Google Music Store and recommiting the same mistakes.

What’s your take on Google Music Beta? Do you think Google Music Store will tune up people to use it and become the best music syncing software?

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