iPhone 8 Rumors, News and Release Date

iPhone 8 rumors have already started doing rounds in the tech circle. The leaks are coming out with time and we are getting to know more about the killer device which will be launched on the 10th anniversary of iPhone.

Before every iPhone arrives, there are the rumors which shake the market as thousand tech fans look forward to the next Apple device. Let’s see which ones are circling around this time.

iPhone 8 Rumors

iPhone 8 rumors

Coming up with a list of rumors around iPhone 8, we have:

Apple will launch 3 iPhone devices rather than 1. Two devices might be iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus maintaining the same screen size with minor tweaks in specifications of the current device.

The third device will be the beast and the new one, iPhone 8.


iPhone 8 screen size is rumored to be around 5 inches instead of the current 4.7 and 5.3 inch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S plus respectively


A major change is rumored to be in the camera of the new iPhone. The leaked news suggests that iPhone 8 will sport dual cameras installed vertically rather than the horizontal orientation in the current devices.

The twin lenses will help the phone in enabling “Portrait mode” found in SLR and mirrorless cameras taking the picture quality to another level.


iPhone 8 rumors point out to a completely new design with an all glass enclosure and an OLED display. (major step) The OLED display is said to be an edge-to-edge one.

News rounds support the OLED display news with Apple being in talks with Sharp to supply OLED screens for the next iPhone. Challenge is that four main OLED suppliers don’t have enough stock to ship for every new iPhone model.

Ditching the Touch ID Button

Apple could ditch the Touch ID button by the screen a Touch ID button. Apple’s pending patent reveals one for fingerprint sensor capable of reading finger through phone’s touch screen.

Removing Touch ID button will help Apple increase the screen size and make the most of the screen space.

The iPhone eight rumors reveal the device will support wireless charging. The final specifications of iPhone 8 will be finalized in the second quarter of Apple’s 2017 fiscal year.

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Apple iPhone 8 Release Date

While we don’t have a specific official release date of iPhone 8 yet, the device will stick to the usual release schedule of a September press event. The device will hit the markets one week after the press event.

iPhone 8 Price: There is no indication about the price iPhone 8 yet. We’ll inform you as soon as we get a hint of it.

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Other iPhone 8 specs will be revealed shortly with iPhone 8 rumors doing rounds and getting active as the time approaches for the launch. It’s good 10 months to the launch of now. We will suggest you to wait and enjoy the rumors till we see Tim Cooks revealing the device on 10th anniversary of Apple iPhone. Steve Jobs would have been so happy to witness the 10th anniversary, oh boy! You can also checkout How to Fix Service Battery Warning on Mac .

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