Enjoy the New Youtube Design Before Others

A change is a must to develop interest and get rid of the boring schedule and things.

The above quote kicks off the post as the above line has struck the heads of the developers of the popular online video portal YOUTUBE.COM . According to various sources,   Youtube is undergoing a design change and its developers are testing the design change using cookies . Well, this post will surely take you through the new Youtube design before others have it. The design is still being constantly tested by the Youtube team but can be  viewed when you’re with us @ Syncers.com

It’s really sad but only Firefox and Chrome Users will be able to experience the new Youtube Design as the trick works only with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

  • Firefox Users press Ctrl + Shift + k
  • Chrome Users press Ctrl + Shift + j .

Web Console opens up in Firefox while Open Developer Tools opens up in Chrome.

Now just enter


in the console tab and reload YouTube.

The new Youtube Design is now in front of you . It has a silver background with 3 panes and a very clean layout. The middle pane has Subscriptions , left pane include “My Channel”, Suggested Channels and the right pane has Suggested Videos ending with 3 featured videos.The videos popping in the Middle Subscription pane can be changed to Uploads only by just a simple check on the right hand side option of “Show Uploads Only” .

And once you go to “Upload a Video” you’ll observe a much more clean layout with a disclmair :

Hey, look, we have a new design! Having problems or not feeling ready for it just yet? Go back to the old design or report an issue.

The new Youtube Look is still in development by the Youtube Team and the above simple trick can help you view Youtube in a new fresh look.

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What do you think about the new Youtube Design? Isn’t the new youtube look more cool , organised and clean?

Karan Lugani

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2 thoughts on “Enjoy the New Youtube Design Before Others

  • December 8, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    For me, the new youtube design is better compared to the usual youtube design. As a matter of fact, it looks neat and pleasing to the eyes wherein it appears to be professional.

    • December 8, 2011 at 8:21 pm

      Totally agree with you marcus. The new design is much neat and fast.


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