Play Snake Game in YouTube

Isn’t it too boring to wait for a YouTube Video to buffer?

    • I have a good trick if you feel the same . How cool it would be if you would be able to have some leisure playing game in youtube while you video buffers.
    • So lets get started up with the trick :
    • Click on any video you wish to watch . ( Ya, This works on any video uploaded on YouTube. )
    • Now while it buffers , click on the pause button “||” . (Clicking on pause button does not affect buffering of the video. )
    • Now press “up” and “left” buttons on your keyboard simultaneously .
    • And WHOA…you see a snake running in the screen where the video loads and you’ve gotta play the snake game. You can try as much times as you can by pressing the “up” and “left” buttons on your keyboard .

    I hope this trick assured you of getting rid of boredom while waiting for a YouTube video to buffer. Also checkout How to Watch Youtube 18+ Videos Without Logging In . Subscribe to our rss feed (can be done through email also.) and keep your suggestions, tricks and feedbacks coming in.

    Karan Lugani

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