Remote Shutdown Windows 7 – The Easy Way

Ever thought of remotely shutting down Windows 7 ? If not, we’re not going to think of it but simply going to implement it with just a few instructions. It’s not that difficult to remotely shutdown computers and the post would feature remotely shutting down a Windows 7 installed PC and that too without any applications . Think something different and do give a shot to this Windows 7 Trick.

Getting to kick off with what would help us perform a Windows 7 Remote shutdown its the CMD that would help us do the work. But we would need Administrator Access to the PC we’re working on and even on the other computers which are to be remotely shutdown.

Remote Shutdown With Remote Shutdown Box

As I already told one needs an Administrator access to a computer to remotely shutdown other computers. Simply enter the command ” shutdown -i” in cmd . (Quick Tip : We can directly type it in the search box just above the Windows Tab when we open it.) Below screenshot tells it in an easier way.

A remote shutdown dialog box appears and next just click on add and now we need to add the computer name. For finding the computer name all one needs to do is by enter “ \\computername” in My computers/ Computers tab and it would come up with the computer name. If this doesn’t work for you go for system properties( Search it :P) and you would see a Computer Name with its name. That’s the name of your computer .

To add other computers to be remotely shutdown, you need to know their name too which will be done by the method above. That’s why I told that Administrator Access is a must.

Now fill the other details after adding the computer names. I changed the option of Restart to Shutdown . We can also disable the warning and give a message/reason to be displayed on other computers before shutting it down. Just enter the required message we want to give in Comment and that would pop up before shutting down Other PC. The click on Ok will execute commands as per the instructions given by us and remote shutdown Windows 7 others computers.

Another simple way of remotely shutting down other computer is by entering the below code in Command Prompt :

shutdown –m \\computername –s –f

In the above command just enter the computer name in place of “computer name” and the other commands -s refers to shutdown and -f refers to forcing the program to close. We can replace “-s” with “-r” if we want to restart the computer.

Give Windows 7 God Mode a try too.

The Softwares Way

Although I don’t recommend relying on softwares as they can harm your pc while executing remote shutdown, I personally tested two softwares to remote shutdown computer and found both of them efficient and trusted enough to work with.They are :


This is a simple yet efficient software . The thing I preffered it was that it is just the size of 116 Kb and works efficiently in shutting down other computers on the network. It also takes the name of computers on the network itself , so not much hard work to do with this software. Download : RemShutdown

All Off

Much complicated that the previous one , All Off has the option of customisating while remote shutting down Windows 7 and who doesn’t like options. So, another one in Remote Shutdown Lane. Download : All Off

My Personal Advice to All Users Searching for Remotely Shutting Down Computer

There may be unlimited softwares helping in remotely shutting down the computer but please don’t trust them all. They can be malwares, keyloggers, trojans and can cause too much to risk to the system. Don’t loose patience and try going for those softwares, try to go for Command Prompt Method – the most secure and easy method. The above softwares that I recommended are tested by me and both worked fine without any risk

So, What are you waiting for ? No more shutting down every PC manually. Just a one time work one click and now see all the computers shutting down remotely. Stay tuned for more Computer Tips and Tricks and Windows 7 tricks.

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  • December 13, 2011 at 10:31 am

    The tip that you have here will help a lot of people who have a problem with windows &. However, before they decide to shut down, they should probably think of it twice. However, I think there is no problem with this.

  • January 23, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    Don’t loose patience and try going for those softwares, try to go for Command Prompt Method – the most secure and easy method. The above softwares that I recommended are tested by me and both worked fine without any risk.

    • January 23, 2012 at 6:13 pm

      Jaci, patience is the key to internet tricks. Thanks for visiting by . 😀


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