How to Remove Shortcut Virus – Solved!

Have you noticed the situation when your files and folders start turning into shortcuts on your laptop or computer? Initially, a file is turned into shortcut and as the time proceeds, more & more files and folders on the device follow the suite. The thing is called a shortcut virus.

What is Shortcut Virus?

The shortcut virus hides the original file/folder in the shortcut. Although, the situation is harmless as the shortcut virus only turns files into shortcuts. After a certain time, the virus may corrupt and delete your files. So, taking a precaution when you spot the first impressions of the shortcut virus is the best step.

Source of Shortcut Virus

There are numerous websites, files and removable disks we utilize daily and the source of shortcut virus in computer can be any of them. Below listed are the few most common sources of shortcut virus:

how to remove shortcut virus

  • Connecting a pen drive infected by shortcut virus from a friend’s PC (Most Common)
  • Downloading an executable file (.exe) from untrusted sources which come bundled with virus
  • Downloading malicious content from the internet which had shortcut virus
  • Clicking on pop-ups which lead to downloading of shortcut virus on your PC

How to remove Shortcut Virus from Pen Drive and from Computer

Using Shortcut Removing Software


An easy way for non-technical persons is to use a software USBFix to remove shortcut virus. It is a free malware removal tool which will detect the virus and remove shortcut virus from your PC. It can detect all kinds of USB connections including Pen drive, External HDD, Internal drive, Mobiles Phones and even SD cards.

  • Just download USBFix from here
  • Now click on Open and Run the software. A dashboard like this will appear :

remove shortcut virus from pc

Now choose the appropriate option:

  • Vaccinate: This feature will create a new autorun.inf file in the removable drive. An autorun file handles the auto-start of the device. The new file by USBFix will have measures to prevent the shortcut virus hence, protecting your removable drive for long.
  • Repair: Repair existing corrupt files on the removable drive. It helps in fixing shortcut virus and recovering damaged files.
  • Back-up: Back-up the files before running USBFix.

The software is of 4Mb and does not take much space in your system.

Shortcut Virus Remover

  • Another easy way of removing shortcut virus from computer is utilizing another powerful software Shortcut Virus Remover
  • Download Shortcut virus remover from here and run the software.

There are multiple other software which can help you remove shortcut virus from PC.

Remove Shortcut virus using CMD

The second method is using command prompt to get rid of the virus. The steps to remove shortcut virus using cmd are easy and are listed below :

  • Connect the removable drive to the PC
  • Click on Start Menu and then Run (Win+R key can also be used).
  • A box will pop up, type cmd in it and press Enter.
  • Paste the following code in cmd

ATTRIB -H -R -S /S /D H:\*.*

Note: Please change the letter “H” with the nomenclature of the removable drive or internal drive if you want to delete the shortcut virus from internal drive.

Checkout : How to Copy and Paste in cmd

Remove Shortcut virus using .BAT file

.BAT file will be helping us in removing shortcut virus with a simple pre-written code script.

Follow the steps to remove shortcut virus using .BAT file :

  • Open Notepad.
  • Copy and paste the following code in it :

@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d H:*.*

@echo complete

Note: Again, here change the letter “H” with the nomenclature of the removable drive.

  • Save the file as “.bat” entension (Save as > Choose .bat in file extension instead of .txt)
  • Now, run the .bat file and it will remove shortcut virus from computer.

Remove Shortcut virus from Registry

If the shortcut virus on your PC has affected your registry, let’s eliminate it from the root.

Steps to remove shortcut virus from Registry:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to run the Task Manager
  • Click on the Processes tab and select .exe. End the process/delete it.
  • Now open Run dialog box by pressing Win+R key and type regedit.
  • It will open Registry Editor. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Run
  • Navigate to registry key odwcamszas and Delete it.
We hope our detailed tutorial was able to answer the question how to remove shortcut virus from computer. If you’re facing any issues, feel free to reach out and Syncers Team will respond to your queries. You can now turn off seen by message in Facebook, check how!

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