Top 10 Best Free Games for iPad 2 and iPad 3

Playing and gaming is always great when it comes to iPad . We have come up with a top ipad games  available to download for free. The best free games for Ipad are chosen on the number of downloads, reviews and stars they got from the gamers who played the games. We hope you will enjoy playing these games.

Top 10 Best Ipad Games Free

Dizzypad HD

Dizzypad HD is a high resolution arcade game where you have to tap the screen to make the frog jump and leap to the lily pads. The aim is to get the frogs landed safely without making them fall into the water. Additional upgrades are available to purchase via the app itself. The extra lives which can be gained through munching the bugs or skilfully skiping the lily pads add the spice to the game.

World War

The amazing game by Storm 8 is clearly one of the best games for ipad 2 and ipad 3. It is a multiplayer online War game with over 1.3 million players . The missions, building, new ammunations make the game more interesting and add the spice after each and every level. The main aim of the game to expand the military base makes it interesting just like Counter Strike. My friends are a die hard fan of this game.

Fruit Ninja HD Lite

One of the most download games on the Android Market as well as the iOs store, Fruit Ninja is a cool game to relax after a lot of hard work. The game where one gains points to cut the fruits tops the charts in graphics by having HD graphics. The Bonanza and bonuses within the game and variant colours make this game simply LOVABLE.

Harbor Master HD

This HD game does not belong to any category but a Miscellaneous rocking game which needs concentration, skill and statergy to play. With the task of directing boats into docks, watching them unlock the cargo and protecting the boats from crashing, this game is surely fun to play in the leisure time. Once, you’re on this game, you will be sticked for hours unless you download the 4 additional maps and face their unique twists. The statergic game also rocks in the graphics.

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Seasons was a rocker but Angry Birds Space is really great. Although Angry Birds Space is a paid game for ipad , we are offering Angry Birds Space for free download from here. The pig and the birds fight continue even in the space and the level gets tougher and it isn’t easy to complete the game within hours now. Play it smartly…beat those pigs and enjoy.

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10 Pin Shuffle HD (Bowling) Lite

One of the greatest HD experience of the Bowling on the iPads is this game. It’s a superfun bowling game with loads of additions inputs like different bowls, aileys and the use of Physics. All you need to do is pill down the 10 balls. It’s fun to play this game as a challenge with the friends. We could call it one of the best ipad strategy games.

Hungry Shark – Part 1 HD

Hungry Shark is an underwater game where you to chomp the way to the food chain. The target is to make the shark eat as much food as you can and acomplish the task. The callibration needs to be apt for this game and it’s great graphics make it an addictive game.

Can Knockdown

Simplicity at it’s best. The most simple but most addictive game for iPad according to me. One of the best games for iPad users, it involves throwing a ball towards the can and making them all knockdown. You get a lot of chances to knock them down but as the levels progress the game becomes difficult and a perfect stratergy and concentration is needed to complete the levels.

Temple Run

Run Baby Run..! Temple Run is a great game with awesome graphics where a person has to run through different paths protecting himself from the obstracles and taking the right turns. The game needs great timing and is super addictive. All Focus on game and this game really sticks you up to it. Enjoy running the Temple way.


Ever thought of the fantasy of running the car on the ceiling, this game makes it possible. Unlike other car racing games, this one is a little different with a lot of customisations, road stunts and obstracles to make the game interesting and unique. A power racing game which can be more fun if you have your friends accompanying you. The design speaks for the game itself to be good and makes it one of the best free ipad games.

Smurfs’ Village

Almost like Farmville, Smurfs’ Village is a never ending game where one starts building villages from the scratch. The in game developments like crops, etc can be bought from real money and the empire can be extended. It is a cool game except for the fact that one needs to buy the equipments and materials for progressing further in the game.

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