Trick to Buy Redmi 3S Prime and Redmi 3S from Flash Sale

Buying Redmi 3S and Redmi 3s Prime from Flipkart Flash Sale is almost a task. Redmi 3S Prime and Redmi 3S have shaken the market with their presence. The phones with plethora of features in a nutshell budget are selling like hot pancakes. Although, Redmi 3S and Redmi 3s Prime Flash sale takes place from time to time, it’s difficult to grab the phone specially from Flipkart.

Important points to remember when ordering Redmi 3S Prime or Redmi 3S:

Where to buy Redmi 3S Prime from: Flipkart or Mi Official website?

We’ve bought 3 devices from both the websites, 1 from Flipkart and 2 from official Flipkart has superfast shipping with device being delivered in 2-3 days. Order delivery of Redmi 3S Prime from is really slow when it comes to ordering from the official website. The order was couriered through BlueDart..and it took good 6-7 days to arrive and the order will not be shipped on Sunday and will be shipped only on working days through .

The only advantage of ordering from is that it has more stocks that Flipkart (or at least stocks end up for more time as compared to FK) and you can buy Mi Protect with the device for Rs. 599 which is accidental and liquid protection of the device (highly recommended).

Redmi 3s prime buy flipkart flash sale

We recommend you to buy Redmi 3S Prime due to storage constraints in Redmi 3S. The device slows down due to low storage and hence, try opting for the 32GB variant.

Redmi 3S Flash Sale Date : Wednesday December 7, 2o16
Redmi 3S Flash Sale Time :
12 noon

Trick to buy Redmi 3S or buy Redmi 3S Prime in Flipkart Flash Sale

Please note: We’ll be using a third party Chrome extension for the same. We do not endorse the extension and would recommend you to uninstall it once done with the purchase.

    • Install the FlipShope Chrome extension from here.
    • Click on the Flipshope Extension icon from Chrome toolbar just on the right hand side of URL bar

how to buy redmi 3s prime

    • Choose the “Flash Sale” option


  • Check tick mark on “Auto buy Redmi 3s Prime or Auto Buy Redmi 3S” from the options. Choose your color and variant from the options
  • Before the sale, hover to the Flipkart product page and the script will automatically start working 2 minutes before the sale

Redmi 3S Product Pages

Buy Xioami Redmi 3S Prime (32 GB) : Flipkart |

Buy Xioami Redmi 3S (16 GB) : Flipkart |

  • Once, the sale starts the extension will autobuy Redmi 3S for you and add it to your cart
  • Proceed to pay and enjoy experience of your new phone from Xiaomi

Logic behind the trick: The extension runs a script which attempts to auto click the “Buy” button after every few seconds and tries to buy the device from Flipkart Redmi 3s Prime flash sale for you.

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How to buy Redmi 3s Prime?

If you are not able to order from Flipkart or forgot to buy Redmi 3S in Flipkart Redmi flash sale, randomly stocks the device and you might be to able to buy Redmi 3S Prime at odd hours too.Redmi 3S is one of the initial mobile phones to be manufactured in India by Xiaomi. The phone comes in 3 colors including Grey, Gold and Silver. The Grey color is the first to be out of stock in the Flipkart Redmi 3S Flash sale.

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We’ll soon be coming up with a detailed review of Redmi 3S Prime. We hope, we were able to help you with how to buy Redmi 3S Prime from Flipkart Redmi 3S Flash Sale.Stay tuned to Syncers. If you need help with buying from a flash sale, shoot us a mail and we’ll come up with a solution for you.

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