How to turn off “Seen By” message in Facebook Chat

Don’t want others to know when you read their message on Facebook chat? We’ve the solution to disable Seen by in Facebook chat. Whenever we talk to someone on Facebook, a “Seen by” confirmation is displayed on the Facebook chat box once the person on the other side has seen/read the message. The same is followed by a time stamp follows and a tick mark. Although, it notifies your friend that the message has been read, sometime your chores and work keeps you so busy that you prefer to reply to the chats after some time.

An easy solution to the same is to be disable or turn off “Seen by” message in Facebook chat to honor your privacy. You might not be in a situation to reply to the chat but “Seen By” message informs your friend about you having read the status and you’re obliged to reply to it instantly.

How to Disable “Seen By” in Facebook Chat

We’ve simple solutions to disable “Seen By” message in Facebook chat:

Seen by in Facebook Chat

Extension for Google Chrome Users

If you’re a Google Chrome user, the easier way to turn off “Seen By” message receipt in Facebook chat box is using a simple extension – Facebook Chat Privacy Extension.

Disable seen by in Facebook Chat

  1. Just go to : Facebook Chat Privacy Extension
  2. Install it on Google Chrome
  3. Restart your Google Chrome.

Voila! You’ve successfully disabled “Seen by” message in Facebook chat box.

Using Facebook Application

Another easy way of disabling “Seen by” in Facebook chat is using a Facebook application – Unseen Facebook app.

Disable Seen by notification in Facebook chat

  1. Login and go to Unseen Facebook application
  2. Give the required permissions to the application.

You’ve successfully disabled “Seen By” chat recipient message in the future. Enjoy better privacy by avoiding “Seen by” message.

The Not so Technical Way

Read the Message and then Mark it as Unread.

This method is unstable and we won’t recommend you to rely on the same. This is quick solution for short term.

Using Social Reviver

Social Reviver is a powerful extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera (may be available for other browsers also) and helps in changing the Facebook layout and functionalities. Extremely powerful, this extension can help you disable the “Seen by” notification in Facebook chat.

It can also :

  • Disable Facebook timeline
  • Disable Facebook chat sidebar
  • Disable Facebook ticker

Download Social Reviver from here.

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Using Adblock Plus Filter

The ad blocking tool, AdBlock Plus filter can also be used to disable “Seen By” notification from the Facebook chat.

For Google Chrome users :

1. Go to Extensions and clicks on Options for Adblock plus.

2. Click on Filter and then Add Filter and paste the code:


3. Add the filter.

For Mozilla Firefox users:

1. Click on Adblock Plus icon and hover to Filter Preference > Custom Filters.
2. Add Filter Group and name it “Disable Seen By Facebook filter”

3. Click on Actions > Show/hide filters> Add filter and paste the following code :


We hope we’re able to help you in turning off “Seen by” notification in Facebook chat. If you need any help or are facing any issues in implementing the above methods, feel free to write to us and Syncers will solve your problem. Stay tuned to Syncers for more social media tricks and tips.

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