5 Incredible Unfollow Twitter Tool

We follow numerous people on Twitter but often experience not getting followed back. It’s time to get rid of those mean users by unfollowing people not following you with unfollow twitter tools goosing them in just a few clicks and getting rid of them. There are numerous tools which can help to mass unfollow on twitter , some decent ones are collected by me in this post.

Mass Unfollow Twitter

5 Incredible Unfollow Twitter Tool

Geshout Unfollow Twitter Tool

The main motive of Syncers is to get the job done as easily and quickly as possible. Without much hitch and glitch this is a simple tool to unfollow people not following you on twitter. One of the faster and efficient unfollow twitter tool Geshout even has option to display the persons who haven’t updated tweets from past 10 days (Can be customised ) and all those can be selected and can be unfollowed.

i Unfollow Twitter Tool

The i Unfollow Twitter Tool is a quick and neat interfaced tool with loads of features to filter the following users as well as unfollow non followers. The rapid tool has two super important options :

  • Everyone I am Following and
  • Non- Followers

The only drawback of the i Unfollow Twitter Tool is that it sets a limit for normal users which is 125 as of now. So, that means more than 125 non followers cannot be removed in a day, we would have to go daily and remove them . On the other hand it is good to stop the twitter spam so (I personally support the daily limit ) .

UnTweeps Unfollow Twitter Tool

Untweets is not one of those tools which provide avid features but it has just two simple options . It can create a list of people one is following who haven’t updated status for a certain time period (remains in our hand ) .It simply creates a list and offers to unfollow them so that the twitter account gets rid of inactive persons . The speed of this tool is remarkable as compared to other tools.

Manage Flitter Unfollow Twitter Tool

Manage Flitter is a full powered twitter tool to do various things ranging from following masses to unfollow non followers with just a single click. Althought the tool is little slow, it has a wide range of features I personally liked and haven’t found in other twitter tools. It manages the twitter flutter and helps in easying up various tasks from following, listed , unfollowing,etc. So, it is one of the best unfollow twitter tool with numerous features which many twitter tools lack in.

Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow isn’t quite common tool but at times biggies cover up small even though small ones are more efficient. Friend or Follow is a simple tool to unfollow people not following you . The biggest advantage of this twitter tool is it helps in mass unfollow on twitter as well as following those people who are your followers but you’re not. So, basically it has an extra feature of following those who we are not following. This twitter tool is WORTH A TRY.

Caution While Selecting a Twitter App or Tool

Twitter apps or tools ask for certain permissions to be authorized before using them . Do check them with due care and don’t grant them all permissions, which can lead to the twitter account being hacked.

PS :  I  advise not to use to Twitter Karma to unfollow non people not following you as the tool is ultra slow and not at all easy to understand . (Personal Experience)

By now, people now not following on twitter would have been removed from you twitter account. Smart twitter tools ? Aren’t they?

Karan Lugani

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5 thoughts on “5 Incredible Unfollow Twitter Tool

  • January 2, 2012 at 10:41 am

    I really appreciate this post because you have shared to us something which we can use in twitter. I am sure many will be receiving great benefits from this and many will enjoy the use of twitter all the time.

  • January 5, 2012 at 12:26 am

    Hi Karan, I always want to unfollow all those who are not following me on twitter. You save me from doing a lot of work here! Cheers!

    • January 6, 2012 at 6:34 pm

      It’s my pleasure to help you up . Trash all the non followers now . 😛

  • January 14, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    I know some people will follow you for a couple of days so you will follow them back. Then, shortly afterward they unfollow you. It is nice to figure out who is not following you, not that you need to unfollow everyone. I have been testing out Tweepi, which seems similar to the ones you mention. You can use it to find followers and to unfollow if necessary.

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