How to Use 2 Whatsapp Numbers on1 Phone without Rooting

Well, there are times when 1 whatsapp is not enough for a phone. You want to manage official and personal communications separately. Therefore, today we have come up with a  tutorial which will guide you through running 2 whatsapp accounts on 1 Android phone without rooting the mobile phone.

Whatsapp has been integrated in our daily lives for the communication processes and is the need of the hour. With this tutorial, you’ll be able to install 2 Whatsapp numbers on 1 android device and the best part is, you don’t need to root the device.

How to install Dual Whatsapp in 1 mobile phone









Before following the tutorial, please make sure we have the following prerequisites :


  • Android Device ie. your android mobile (Obviously!)
  • The device can be rooted and even a non-rooted device will work for this tutorial
  • Active internet connection connected to the device
  • Battery charged up to minimum level of 60%
  • 40-60 MB free disk space on the android mobile

Now that you’re done with the prerequisites, let’s get to steps to use 2 whatsapp accounts in 1 mobile.

Steps to Use Dual Whatsapp in Single Android Phone

  1. Download and install Whatsapp from the Play store in your mobile phone.
  2. Once done,complete the pre-requisites of verification of the first number. You would now be able to use 1 number on Whatsapp on your device.
  3. Download and install WhatsMapp APK in your android mobile. 3.
  4. Once installed, click on the WhatsMapp icon and enter your 2nd desired number in it and verify the number

You’re done with the process. You’ll be able to use 2 whatsapp accounts from 1 device now.

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Additional features of WhatsMapp include :

  • Hide last seen messages and blue ticks
  • Dual account usage feature on single android mobile
  • Activated latest calls feature added to the application

As simple as that, we’re done with the tutorial of using two whatsapp accounts on 1 android device. We will be coming up with more mobile phone tricks and tutorials. If you have any queries/suggestions, write to us and we’ll be happy to respond to you. If you’re dealing with shortcut virus, we already have a solution for the same.

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